Has your business outgrown its finance function?

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Is your current finance team and the resources they have unable to deliver the information you require? Could you do with accounting outsourcing services that you could flex depending on your company’s capacity or requirements?

Have you managed to secure new funding and now need management accounts with all kinds of information you previously never had to report on? If any of these issues ring a bell, then Specialist Accounting Solutions can help you.

We provide outsourced accounting services to clients with a turnover up to £20m, which means that we run the finance department of these businesses.

Are there costs saving?

Yes, you can save costs. Rather than employing a team you can scale our involvement to suit your requirements and also your budget. By using our team, you also don’t have the administrative red tape and risk of employing more staff. Outsource accounting services can work with you to support you as your business grows until you feel someone permanent and inhouse would suit your needs and your budget better.

‘We already have a bookkeeper / financial controller. How do they work with you?’

Our outsourced accounting firm also works with businesses that already have a small finance team in place. That could be just one person or several team members. We are there to support, train and lead your team and we work very closely with them to produce the information you require.

How do you improve the Management Accounts?

When we start working with your business, we will devise and agree a set of Key Performance Indicators with you. You’ll have a set of key numbers to quickly measure the performance of your business each month.

We use specialist software to analyse and present the figures to you, with graphs, summary tables and video commentary, so you can better understand the numbers.

Our clients really like our approach and it really helps them make better decisions for the business. The concept is behind this is really simple: the better Management Information you have, the better decisions you can make to create a more profitable and efficient business.

Do investors and funders benefit from the work you do?

Our clients have found that the funders backing their businesses benefit immensely from our involvement, because they receive accurate, timely and well-presented management accounts, with all the information they require. This is really important when dealing with funders or trying to raise capital, be it debt or equity.

Choosing the ideal financial outsourcing services or virtual CFO for your SME can feel like a big decision. If you want to know what our clients think of us check out our Google reviews.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your business with our accounting outsourcing and virtual CFO services, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Use of this information is for reference only. Specialist Accounting Solutions Ltd accepts no liability for any errors therein or any losses or damages arising from it.

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