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EOT Business Valuations

Employee Owned Trust Business Valuations

We have prepared many business valuations over the years, acting for Shareholders, Management Teams, Investors and Funders. If you are selling your business to your employees using an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) you have come to the right place. 

We provide a comprehensive valuation report detailing our: 

  • Valuation methodologies
  • Assumptions
  • Conclusions 
  • and Workings.
If you would like to talk to our EOT business valuations specialist about our EOT valuation services then get in touch on the button below. 

We are professional services member of the Employee Ownership Association.  We work with a range of legal advisers on EOT transactions who are also experienced in Employee Ownership transactions. 

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Sean from Specialist Accounting Solutions was recommended to help with a company valuation as we transition to Employee Ownership. SAS provided a highly professional service, set out the process, timelines and information requirements in a clear and concise way, and delivered what we expected on time and within the agreed budget. I would recommend Sean and his colleagues at SAS to any small business looking for advice and guidance on issues relating to financing and business planning.

For Employee Ownership Trust deals we have a proven valuation process that delivers results every time.

90 Minutes Meeting
Establishing context and background of valuation. Agreeing information request list to prepare the valuation
Work Phase 1
Review of information received. Preparing additional questions. Researching comparable transactions and companies
75 Minutes Meeting
Discussing and validating key assumptions. Discussion of outstanding questions
Work Phase 2
Submission of draft Valuation Report for your review and feedback
Finalisation Phase
Final review and feedback. Amending report as appropriate and agreed
Valuation Report Signed Off and Released
Our typical process takes 3 - 4 weeks

In an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) transaction, a business valuation is crucial for several key reasons…

Fair Transaction Pricing:

Determines a transparent and fair market value, ensuring employees purchase the business at a justifiable price.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Addresses legal and regulatory requirements, preventing potential legal complications.

Tax Implications:

Helps in understanding and planning for tax consequences for both the selling owner and employees.

Employee Motivation:

Provides a clear picture of the financial stake employees are taking in the business, motivating active participation.

Documentation and Record-Keeping:

Creates a transparent record for future reference, internal decision-making, and audit purposes.

Employee Buy-In:

Builds confidence and trust among employees by demonstrating the fairness of the transaction.

Financing and Funding:

Required by lenders to ensure the business has sufficient value for collateral in employee financing.

Negotiation Basis:

Serves as a starting point for negotiations on transaction terms, including payment structures.

Due Diligence:

Part of the due diligence process, identifying and addressing potential risks or issues before finalising the transaction.


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